Water Proofing & Weather Protection

RESIKON Resisil-Flex is two component cement modified acrylic copolymer flexible coatings. The product is designed to be used on RCC structures, brick walls, blocks and other cementatious surfaces to protect against water, chemical fumes and carbon dioxide. The product can be used for positive and negative waterproofing. Application areas for the product are waterproofing of terraces, wet areas, water tanks, drainage and basements.
Special Features RESIKON Resisil-Flex is manufactured using special acrylate monomers and cementatious powder to impart goods adhesion and flexibility and hence has several advantages.
  • Water Proofing
  • Gives flexible coating
  • Can bridge cracks up to 1 mm
  • prevents carbonation of surfaces and chloride attacks
Application Techniques
RESIKON Resisil - Flex Water Proofing System application
RESIKON Resisil - Flex being a two component system having 20 kg powder and 8 kg liquid, is mixed and applied in two coats. The coverage is 2 kg/sq mtr 2.5mm thick of mixed material.


Typical Properties

White liquid and White powder
Crack- bridging 1 mm
Pot life 25 min @ 30 deg C
28 kg combined pack.
Storage RESIKON Resisil - Flex can be stored for twelve months in a tightly closed container kept under shade.
Safety Precaution Health hazard: RESIKON Resisil - Flex is alkaline in nature and harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin and use protective clothing, hand gloves, goggles, etc. while handling this material. In case of contact or splash on eyes, wash with copious amount of water and consult a physician.
Fire hazard RESIKON Resisil - Flex is a water based system and non-flammable.