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Bonding Agents

We provide high quality, durable bonding agents. Our products are used to create a strong bond between old and new concrete. These product appear in the form of Modified Acrylic Polymers and they have excellent properties.

If you want to repair your cement surfaces by bonding, we are here to give you the agents you require. Although we have quite a wide range of options, you can select the chemicals you need with ease. All our bonding agents work flawlessly and produce perfect results. They can meet any kind of restrictions and you can use them without fear. Our products can be used for direct and indirect restorations, using a self-etch technique or any other.

Whether you want to fix old cement or mortar, we have everything you will require. Every product we sell is exhaustively described, and it will come with an instruction manual to ensure that you use it correctly. If you are anywhere in India, Resikon is your top provider of bonding agents. We are just a call away.

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