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Terrace and Watertank Waterproofing

The average lifespan of any concrete water tank is ten to fifteen years. During this time, the cement walls should resist constant and irregular hydrostatic pressure. Also the walls could be weakened by chemicals that are added to water, such as chlorine. After several years, cracking cannot be avoided. And if your tank develops cracks, the water will seep out.

As for your terrace, it could develop leakages if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Hence, you need to have some areas of your home waterproofed. These include all pipes running over your roof, electrical wires or cable conduits, rainwater drain outlets, a dish antenna, split AC unit bases, the threshold on your stairway door and pipes above a parapet wall. If during surface preparation your drain outlets were not fit well, they should be investigated and corrected.

We can help you with the right range of products and can assure you that our waterproofing solutions are affordable, durable and user-friendly. They are also very effective in sealing leaks and have been the talk of most technicians in town. For extra details, call us today.

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