Water Proofing & Weather Protection

RESI – POLYPROOF - (Polymer based waterproofing system)
This system is based on acrylic polymer modified cemetitious material prepared using RESI-POLYPROOF and OPC / white cement. Due to its excellent adhesion property RESI-POLYPROOF can be applied on new as well as old structures.
Usage Coating medium for water proofing
Application Techniques
Once the surface to be treated has been thoroughly cleaned, wet it with water.
Coat the surface with a primer prepared by mixing water in RESIPOLYPROOF in the ratio of 1:1.
Prepare following cementations composite coating slurry by mixing cement with RESI-POLYPROOF.
RESI-POLYPROOF : 1 kg Cement : 1 kg Water : To get brushable consistency Prepare slurry 30 minutes before its application. Apply slurry with brush and allow surface to dry for about ½ -1hr. Incase the slurry gets absorbed in cracks etc. give additional coating in those specific areas till the absorption stops.
Apply second coat by brush. If necessary third coat can be applied to ensure the desired performance.
Application should be done when the atmospheric temperature is more than 100C . In hot weather application should be carried out during evening time to avoid fast evaporation of water from the system.
The coated surface should be protected using polyethylene sheets or damp gunny bags to avoid fast drying of the coating.
Keep the surface moist with damp gunny bags for about 5-7 days and then the coating can be exposed to air curing.
Surface preparation
The surface preparation is most essential part of water proofing treatment. Following steps are recommended:
Remove all loose materials, dust, fungus, moss, oils and grease etc. using mechanical means like wire brush, hard brooms, chisel or sandblasting.
Removal of old tar coating, grease, oil etc, is preferred by using organic solvents OR after mechanical cleaning of tarred surface apply RESIKON- If the surface is uneven, the same should be made even using mortar having 2-4 parts of RESIKON 400 on the basis of cement content.


Typical Properties


Milky white liquid
Acrylic polymer in emulsion form
Total solids,% 39-41 %
pH 9-11
Film formation Excellent
Packing 1,5 and 20 kg in HDPE containers
The coverage will depend on the type of the surface to be treated as well as type and grade of cement used. Higher grade of cement has higher surface area per unit weight and hence more polymer will be required. Higher grade of cement will also give higher coverage. Typically 1 Kg. cement + 1 Kg. RESI-POLYPROOF gives 4 square meter coverage in first coat. Coverage increases in subsequent coatings.
Safety Precaution Health hazard: RESIKON Polyproof is harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin as it may cause staining. Use protective clothing, hand gloves safety goggles etc. while handling this material. In case of skin contact or splash in eye, wash with copious amount of water and consult a physician.