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Crack Filling

Concrete is usually made of water, gravel, sand, and cement. But as the water in the slurry evaporates, gravel, sand and cement cure into a tough, solid, monolithic slab. Due to the curing process, the cement shrinks a little bit and this triggers some hairline cracks. But if the ground beneath the floor shifts, a larger crack could result.

Although the surface cracks do not threaten the structural integrity of the house, they make an entry point for groundwater, radon gas and insects. If you have noticed large cracks that keep returning or a bulging wall, get the problems solved professionally. We have a filler product that you can request your technician to use.

We have wide range of products so that you have several options to pick from. Our sealer is best for all kinds of repair jobs you have at home. Over and above using our products, we would advise you to have the root of the problem identified and solved.

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