RESIKON-FLEXISEAL (Flexible crack filling compound)
RESIKON-FLEXISEAL is a specially formulated single component, highly elastic acrylic sealant used for filling & sealing cracks in internal & external plastered walls.
Features / benefits
  • Flexible, resilient and elastic. Does not crack like rigid putties.
  • Easier to apply since no mixing is required
  • Durable weather resistant and reduces water ingress.
  • Can be over painted with any paint.
  • Can be diluted with water and painted over hairline cracks.
  • Resistant to fungus / algae / biological growth.
  • Application technique
    Most suitable for the following applications: Filling / sealing cracks in the cement plaster in both internal and external walls, terraces, chajjas etc. Sealing gaps between masonry walls and aluminum or wooden window / door frames
    Packing 1 , 5 kg HDPE containers
    Direction for use
    Surface preparation: Clean the surface / cracks thoroughly removing loose particles, dust, oil, grease etc. using wire brush .Follow it up with air pressure cleaning. Moisten the surface before application.
    Application: Apply RESIKON FLEXISEAL diluted with equal quantity of water as a bond coat to bind loose particles .Then apply RESIKON FLEXISEAL with a wet putty knife, spatula or wet finger. Avoid formation of cavities or bubbles while applying. Leave the surface to dry for at least 24 hours. If any cavity is observed then reapply RESIKON FLEXISEAL and level the surface.
    RESIKON- FLEXISEAL is not suitable for cracks more than 5 mm width. Use RESIKON – CFC or cement mortar / screed admixed with RESIKON 800 for filling such gaps.
    Safety Precaution
    Health hazard: Use rubber hand gloves goggles etc. while applying. Wash Hands and tools before the material dries up.