RESIKON-600 is a co-polymer emulsion. It is used in repair and rehabilitation work and has good bonding properties.
Usage Styrene acrylic co-polymer based bonding agent
Application Techniques
RESIKON-600 can be extensively used fo r-Bond Coat
ADMIXTURE in repair mortar and concrete.
Standard patching mortars.


Typical Properties


Milky white liquid
Styrene Acrylic co - polymer
Total solids, %      
45 ± 1%
Cement Test Passes
Ford cup viscosity @ 30° C
13 – 17 sec
pH (when packed)
Packing 20 kg, 50 kg in HDPE containers
Shelf life
RESIKON-600 may be stored for one year in tightly closed container. Keep in cool and dry conditions. Keep away from direct exposure to sunlight.
It can be stored for twelve months in a tightly closed container under the shed Safety Data
Safety Precaution
Health hazard: RESIKON 600 is alkaline in nature and harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin as it may cause staining. Use protective clothing, hand gloves etc while handling the material. In case of skin/eye contact wash with copious amount of water and consult a physician immediately