EMCRETE is a general purpose, non-shrink, cemetitious flowable mortar for repairs.
Features / benefits
  • Easy to use – It is DO- IT-YOURSELF product and require only addition of water on-site.
  • Can be pumped or poured into restricted locations.
  • Good resistance properties towards moisture ingress.
  • Non shrink grout.
  • Provides high early strength.
  • High tensile and flexural strength.
Direction for use
Emcrete is supplied in powder form. Mix water to the powder in the ratio of 0.16 to 0.18 to get the desired consistency and pour in the forms. Care should be taken to see that the gaps in the shutter forms are effectively sealed with masking tape or cotton to ensure that the material does not run out of shutter joints. Where the repaired surface needs to be plastered, hack the surface immediately after removal of the shutters.
Surface preparation
  • Surface to be repaired must be cleaned thoroughly by removing loose particles, dust, etc. using wire brush.
  • Surface should be watered well. The extra water should be removed before the application of the product.
  • Mix the product with water in the ratio of 0.16 – 0.18 to make a flowable mortar.
  • Place a shutter to cover the depth of pocketsand pour the Emcrete mix.
  • Remove the shutter next day.
  • Jacketing of RCC columns.
  • General repair of damaged concrete like beams, columns, walls.
Technical Informations Compressive strength (@ 1 day) = 15 Mpa
(@ 3 days) = 25 Mpa
(@ 7 days) = 40 Mpa
(@28days) = 60 Mpa
  Flexural strength (@28 days)= 10 Mpa
  Tensile strength (@ 28 days)= 4 Mpa
  Water : Powder ratio 0.16 – 0.18
  Chloride content Nil
Packing Available in 25 kg. Bag
Yield Appx. 13.0 to 14.0 litres per 25 Kg bag. Actual yields depends upon the consistency required as per the site requirement.
Material can be stored for 6 months in sealed bag away from moisture, heat and sunlight.
Safety Precaution
Emcrete contains cement powders which has no harmful effect on dry skin during normal use. However when the product mixed with water releases alkali which can be harmful to the skin.

During use, avoid inhalation of dust and contact with skin and eyes. Suitable gloves, eye protection and dust mask shall be worn.

In case of contact with the skin, it shall be washed with clean water. On coming in contact with eyes, it shall be rinsed immediately with plenty of clean water and medical advice to be sought. If swallowed, medical attention shall be sought immediately. Do not induce vomiting.
Fire Hazards EMCRETE is non-flammable.