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RESIKON - RSK- (Rust remover)
RESIKON- RSK is highly effective polymer based rust converter. It reacts with iron and rusted surfaces to form chemical complex termed as “chelate complex”. The reaction is known as “chelation” where ferric-tannic complexes are formed. This reaction stabilizes oxidation process while polymer in RESIKON RSK gives additional physical protection to metal surfaces.
Rust Converter- Converts rust to chemically stable chelate compound and polymer in it provide excellent protective film.
Application technique
  • Remove loose rust with the help of hard tool like hard wire brush.

  • Ensure that the surface to be treated is free from oil, paint, grease etc.

  • Apply RESIKON - RSK, using brush, spray or by dipping.

  • Leave the surface for about 20-24 hours to ensure that “chelation” is complete.

  • Before going to next step, wash the surface with water.

  • Coverage
    About 150-200 sq ft /kg
    Packaging 5 and 20 kg in HDPE containers

    Typical Properties


    Off-white to brownish white
    Specific gravity at 30° C : 1.00 – 1.06 Viscosity,
    1.00 – 1.06
    Ford Cup B No 4 at 30°C        

    12-17 seconds

    Film formation
    Touch dry                  
    About an hour
    Surface preparation
    Rusting of iron is a continuous and slow chemical process. Protection of surface from further rusting requires special treatment. If surface preparation has not been done properly, even the highest quality of corrosion resistant coating will give poor performance. Surface preparation is normally done in the following manner:
    Mechanical methods of surface preparation
    Mechanical methods of removing of scale or rust are by use of tools like wire brush, chisel, sand blasting etc. In some special cases, the surface is also subjected to burning using flame. Surfaces obtained by using mechanical treatment possess high reactivity due to the presence of humidity unless the surface is protected immediately by using good protective coatings.
    Chemical methods of surface preparation
    Chemically treated surfaces, for example by using AMCOR-RR, produce films of insoluble metal compounds, generally oxides and phosphates. Since RESIKON RSK is rust converter, chemical treatment is not necessary. Mechanical methods of surface preparation are sufficient.
    Safety Precaution
    Health hazard: RESIKON - RSK is acidic & harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin as it may cause irritation and staining. Use protective clothing, hand gloves, goggles etc. while handling this material. In case of skin contact or splash in eyes, wash with copious amount of water and consult a physician.
    One year from the date of manufacture if kept in closed condition away from sunlight.