Curing Compound


RESIKON - RESIKURE - A is synthetic water based emulsion. When applied to newly poured concrete. RESIKON - RESIKURE - A quickly dries to form a wear resistant film with low water vapour permeability. By reducing evaporation from the concrete surface, the water necessary for cement hydration is maintained. This allows maximum development of compressive and tensile strength in the finished concrete and results in a more durable surface with lower permeability.

RESIKON - RESIKURE-A is suitable for use on all concrete surfaces made from portland, and other hydraulic type cements. All exposed elements of a structure subject to water loss due to evaporation should be cured. These include floor slabs, columns, beams, walls, precast panels Etc.

RESIKON - RESIKURE-A is compatible with most water based paint finishing systems and having good U.V. and alkali resistance and will remain sound during construction until such finshes are applied. Being non toxic, RESIKON - RESIKURE-A is suitable for use on potable water retaining structures.


Typical Properties

White milky liquid
Total solids, %
Film formation
Compatibility with cement
RESIKON - RESIKURE-A can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Application tools must be free of any other previously applied material. Aim for an even film and avoid pinholes. which can allow undesirable moisture loss. Uniform application is best obtained by spraying half the recommended quantity in one direction over the whole work and the remainder at right angles.

Apply RESIKON - RESIKURE-A to exposed concrete surfaces as soon as the sheen of moisture brought to the surface by final screeding or towelling has disappeared, but while the concrete is still damp. If brushes are used and the concrete is still wet enough to be marked by the brush, it is too early to apply the curing compound. This timing is important for satisfactory curing.

If a delay is unavoidable, moisten the concrete by light spraying until the surface will not readily absorb more water. Allow sheen to disappear and apply RESIKON - RESIKURE-A.

Do not apply RESIKON - RESIKURE-A to dry concrete.

Saw cuts should be treated with RESIKON - RESIKURE-A immediately after cutting as significant moisture loss can occur in these areas. Check for compatibility with joint sealants, if these are to be used.

For curing previously boxed columns etc, spray with water as soon as form work is removed and then apply RESIKON - RESIKURE-A.

Clean up equipment with water and detergent before product dries. Keep sprayer nozzles dipped in water between spraying operations, then clean completely once finished.

Packing 2OKg and 240 Kg in HDPE containers.
RESIKON - RESIKURE-A may be stored for twelve months in tightly closed container kept under shade.
Safety Precaution
Health Hazard : RESIKON - RESIKURE - A is alkaline in nature and harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin as it may cause staining. Use protective clothing, hand gloves etc. while handling the material. In case of skin contact or splash in eye, wash with copious amount of water and consult physician.
Fire Hazard RESIKON - RESIKURE - A is a water based system and non - flammable.
  • Do not apply solvent based products over RESIKON - RESIKURE-A
  • Do not apply a second coat of RESIKON - RESIKURE - A once dry.
  • If concrete is to be subsequently coated, prior to application of RESIKON- RESIKURE-A, check with manufacture/supplier of coating system for compatibility with this product.