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BETONDUR 11-W - (Admixture for Coloured Paver Block)
BETONDUR 11 W is a highly effective water-reducing compound for promoting accelerated hardening and free flowing coloured cement mortar, concrete, pavement tiles & blocks etc. It also gives early strength and improved final strength to the concrete.
Usage Super plasticiser for pavement tiles and blocks
Application Techniques

BETONDUR 11 W can be used in the range 0f 200-300ml per bag of cement of 50 kg depending upon the desired workability. Exact dosage rates are dependent on the type of effect sought, quality and quantity of cement, sand grading, and W/C ratio and ambient temperature. Over dosage would increase the workability at the expense of reduced setting time, however, final concrete strength would not change.

This specially formulated product imparts several characteristic features to concrete such as:

  • Excellent surface appearance gives a good shine on the coloured pavement tiles/blocks.
  • Reduction in water cement ratio.
  • Reduction of setting time.
  • High strengths after 8 hours.
  • Early demoulding/deshuttering.
  • Packing 25 kg, 240 kg HDPE / MS containers.
    Safety Precaution
    Health hazard: Though BETONDUR 11 W is non-toxic, it is recommended to take necessary precautions which one would take while handling any chemical. Direct contact with eyes should be avoided. If it splashes into eyes, it should be immediately washed out with water. If needed consult a physician.