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Use Resikon Construction Chemicals while constructing your home and get crack free, waterproof, weather protected home

Are you building your first home? If so, do you know anything about Resikon construction chemicals? If you don’t, this is the right time to know what they are all about.

These special chemicals are meant to increase the life of any structure since they are the backbone of any construction site. The are meant to impart extra protection from environmental hazards. Resikon has an entire range of chemicals providing a range of benefits.

The range includes crack filler and waterproofing products that will guarantee no cracks and leaks in the future. Our work at Resikon is to give you the best construction chemicals and your work is to ensure that you pick your builder and construction contractors carefully. Our products are ideal for new constructions and home repair projects.

All our products are water based so there is no question of smell due to solvent emission. Additionally, they are made to provide durable solutions and this can keep you from wasting your money. So, Resikon is your best weather protection solution suppliers. We are reputable and thorough in all we do to serve you.


One of the common structural problems faced by owners of buildings is cracks. Once cracks form, they create a path through which water can seep. With time, you will have moisture problems such as wetness and molds. You already know that molds are bad for your family’s health and they shouldn’t be left to grow in the first place. Before you know it, though, cracks that are developing on your floor or wall could cause water seepage and other serious issues. We would like to introduce you to our waterproofing products. Here are some of our best:

  • RESIKON-LWP- It is a liquid waterproofing compound that is designed for concrete or cement mortar. Its main work is to reduce the permeability segregation and bleeding. What’s more, it makes concrete more consistent and solid. With RESIKON LWP, you can waterproof your basement, roofing slabs, bathroom, water retaining structures and many other places that could do with it. The non-poisonous product comes with proper usage instructions and it’s clearly mentioned that the user needs to use protective gear.

  • RESIKOT - an acrylic polymer coating in a white tinge that is an all in one product. It has the following benefits:
    • Elastomeric crack filling
    • Waterproofing
    • Temperature shielding
    • UV shielding
    • Aesthetic coating
    • Easy application
    Its bonding properties enable it to be applicable on vertical as well as horizontal concrete surfaces.

  • RESIKON RESISIL- Flex - A two component concrete modified acrylic copolymer, the Resisil Flex is made for RCC structures, blocks, brick walls and other cemented surfaces. This wall crack repair product boasts the best quality and so it has what it takes to keep your surfaces protected from ground water, carbon dioxide or chemical fumes. If you want to waterproof your terraces, water tanks, basement, drainage and other wet areas, get our RESIKON RESISIL-Flex product today. It contains acrylate monomers and cementatious powder and this is how it provides strong adhesion and flexibility. If you want to achieve flexible coating, and waterproofing and crack sealing results, this is an ideal product.

Why us?

Resikon is one of the top producers for construction chemicals. We are renowned and reputable waterproofing solution providers and our products and services are known all over the country. For extra information on this, feel free to contacts us online.

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