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Resikon Construction Chemicals offers you a wide range of waterproofing solutions

Looking for waterproofing solution providers in Mumbai? Then here is the best option with reliable quality and good work. Resikon waterproofing services provides permanent cure to leaking roofs, plaster cracks, damp walls and other leakage problems. Perfect waterproofing solution is the one which helps to address the issue of damaged and weakened structure. Resikon is a chemical construction company, a division of Anuvi chemicals that makes specialized products. It’s an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified company that specializes in the manufacturing of Waterproofing chemicals, non-woven textiles, inks, paper, paints, ceramics and construction chemical industries.

Resikon has been providing its products and services in India and abroad for last one decade giving a complete solution to people looking for any products relating to construction or repairs. Resikon provides professional services that are highly recommended and economical in range. The different waterproofing services provide different advantages to customers depending on the package they pick. With Resikon, you can get the benefit of services under one single uniform package. Resikon is one of the best waterproofing solution providers in Mumbai and provides the best repairs and restoration, crack fillers, metal treatment solutions, paver block chemicals, waterproofing and weather protection, admixtures and more.

Resikon provides a wide range of products for repairs and restoration of old and damaged buildings. We often have old buildings that becomes dilapidated over time and it requires building repair. Resikon provides crack fill premix mortar, cement modifier, flexible crack filler, acrylic repair polymers, bonding agent, micro concrete, new bonding agents and more.

Resikon offers the best solutions for cracks; they are the best waterproofing solution providers in Mumbai giving services at very economical rates. Crack fillers are special chemicals that are formulated with non-shrink cement based polymers. The company holds its own extensive research on products; their products are tried and tested in their own facility that helps them to come out with the best and reliable products that suit customer requirements. Resikon offers four products that are designed to meet these specific needs. Rust and Corrosion are not good for metal, they reduce the lifespan of corroded metals products and items.

Resikon has special chemical products that help to remove all types of corrosion and waterproofing solutions. They also make special chemicals for paver blocks, they also ensure to increase the lifespan of the metal and give a smooth finish. Admixtures are the chemicals which are added to the concrete mix that helps to increase the life and improve the hardness of the metal. Resikon offers a wide range of admixtures that are designed to address the needs. Resikon has years of experience in the chemical industry that helps to formulate and give cost effective solutions meeting the specific requirements of the construction industry. Resikon is a valuable company that adheres to strict quality control rules and meeting international standards when it comes to quality. Prevent your homes and offices from corrosion or any leakages with Resikon Waterproofing solutions at most economical rates.

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